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Get ready for mandatory ten-digit dialing in western Washington State. Population growth has taken up nearly all the phone numbers available that start with 360 – and other area codes in the state are not far behind. So 564 is being added to the mix.

Normally by late June, wasps are a common nuisance at summer barbecues. But this year, entomologists have noticed a drop-off in Washington state and wasp populations are lower than usual.

With an assist from Microsoft, Washington state’s Department of Transportation has launched a feasibility study of bullet train service in Cascadia.

Airbnb Use Up For Eclipse

Jul 26, 2017
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Airbnb said they’re expecting about six times more guests than average to stay in an Oregon rental for the eclipse. It’s another sign of Oregonians trying to make the best of the natural phenomenon.

Alaska Airlines is still ironing out operational wrinkles following the acquisition of Virgin America last year. At the same time, its smaller, regional airline is still grappling with a pilot shortage.

Bear Encounter Dos and Don'ts

Jul 26, 2017
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The recent sighting of a mama bear and her three cubs near Lane Community College’s main campus has officials urging caution. However, there is conflicting advice on how to handle a bear encounter.   

Washington’s state Department of Health will remove a billboard deemed offensive after public backlash. The billboard in question was an initiative from the Department’s Marijuana Prevention & Education Program.

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Summer brings crowds to the coast to swim and surf.  Inevitably, fears of shark attacks surface, buoyed by media reports and events like “Shark Week” on cable TV.  Despite recent sightings like those at Cannon Beach last week, most of the fear is over hyped.  

Spokane voters will decide in November whether to allow the shipment of coal and oil by rail through the city. The city council voted in favor of a special election in November.

Democratic U.S. Rep. Pramila Jayapal of Seattle raised strong objections Tuesday at a Congressional hearing in Washington, D.C., about e-commerce taxation.


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